YouInFocusCoaching designs and delivers Executive Coaching solutions to professionals and corporations who are committed to effectiveness, enabling them to achieve new authentic and sustainable levels of power and competence.

Transformation, Acceleration, Performance, Fulfillment, Integrity and Wealth are the core benefits to our international clientele. To have the best available Coaching on board isn't a question of time and money but rather the best business decision a company can make.

Customized Coaching Processes are sole exclusive and confidential processes, committed to make a maximum difference for our clients:
During this step all relevant information is gathered to get a clear and realistic picture of the situation, the client's objectives and vision.
Tools: Conversations between YouInFocusCoaching and the client; if appropriate we will visit the client to interview management and other employees.

YouInFocusCoaching designs a coaching plan according to the needs of the client. Our commitment is to provide the most effective and fastest coaching process. This plan gets refined and negotiated between the client and YouInFocusCoaching until both parties are satisfied. The various roles of YouInFocusCoaching, the client's relevant departments, the individual being coached and his/her line-manager are also negotiated during this step.
YouInFocusCoaching facilitates the coaching according to the coaching plan using:
  • face-to-face coaching sessions
  • coaching over the phone
  • group coaching sessions
  • assignments and supervision
  • coach educational training of decision makers
  • result and quality control
Impact Review
YouInFocusCoaching monitors the impact of its coaching by collecting feedback from the client. After the coaching is completed, we monitor the achieved changes over a period of six months in order to assure long-term results.