Life Coaching
If you like to work with us we will begin with a 2-3 hours session elaborating your vision, goals and values together.

That is the fundament for weekly follow-up meetings (30 to 60 min) either eye to eye or on the phone.

In sports life coaches get hired usually for one or two seasons, which translates into one or two years. We all know that real good changes take time. From experience we recommend a commitment for at least 6 months.
Executive Coaching
YouInFocusCoaching offers you customized solutions tailored to your company's needs.
We are looking forward to working with you and are very confident that you will receive and experience beneficial results.
If you feel at any time that you haven't received excellent value, we shall gladly refund that month's fee.
Tax Deductible
Coaching services are tax deductible for most clients who are self-employed. Expenses to maintain and improve your business and professional skills are usually tax deductible.